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By Kathleen Gentry

Kathleen Gentry Dip H D Cos M P – Advanced Cosmetic & Medical Tattooing

With more than 25 years industry experience, Kathleen Gentry has delighted thousands of women and men of all ages by creating soft, natural facial enhancements using cosmetic tattooing that have been likened to a lift without surgery.

Kathleen’s unique Cosmetic Tattoo Technique means that each procedure is relatively painless and most clients feel comfortable throughout the whole process and the effects can last for up to 10 years.

If you’re looking for a Cosmetic Tattoo practitioner, whether it’s an eyebrow tattoo, eyeliner tattoo, full colour lip tattoo or any other kind of semi-permanent make-up, Kathleen Gentry is the local expert, servicing Noosa & the Sunshine Coast.

Kathleen Gentry is professionally affiliated with Ophthalmologists, Cosmetic Surgeons, and members of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Kathleen’s speciality is where cosmetic tattoo is necessary to camouflage or cover up a scar using the latest Micro-pigmentation techniques. Another area where these procedures are providing a major benefit to woman is nipple reconstruction following surgery.

For many years, Kathleen has prided herself on being a devoted specialist in the cosmetic tattoo field, giving you the ultimate results in professionalism which can build self confidence and self esteem.

“Medical tattooing for the breast or nipple areola micropigmentation is the chosen option for many women post mastectomy breast reconstruction and conditions requiring areola or asymmetry correction. After the surgeon has rebuilt the breast the 3D nipple tattoo portrait is the finishing step of the reconstruction. I have been tattooing breasts since 1997 and specialise in creating the most beautiful realistic 3D nipple/areola illusion using a broad range of micropigmentation techniques. Taking time to create a visual aesthetic appearance creating a sense of depth and detail to a reconstructed breast. For most it will eliminate the constant reminder of breast cancer and give back a feeling of wholeness and femininity once lost. Nothing gives me greater pleasure and privilege than to be with my clients with the unveiling of their new nipple portrait. Happiness fills the room and the living story continues…”               – Kathleen Gentry