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Cosmetic Tattoos

Having surgery for whatever reason, be it health or aesthetics, often leaves scarring.  Some of this visual scarring can be reduced by having restorative/re-constructive tattooing for scar camouflage and/or breast reconstruction purposes.  This is a medical tattoo for the purposes of aesthetics.

As you can see from our before and after photos, we can help reduce the contrast between skin and scar colour to give a faded, more natural look to the area.  For example we can add skin coloured pigment to the whitened or lightened scar area to blend more naturally.We have even helped gentlemen with scarring on their scalp to have hair-coloured tattooing to blend in the bare areas to create the illusion of hair instead of a fully scarred area.

Our speciality however, is nipple/areola reconstruction tattooing.  We have helped so many women who have had breast enhancements or  reconstruction after surgery or mastectomies, by giving the nipple/areola area a more natural, even, three dimensional looking nipple using advanced tattooing techniques.

We pride ourselves on providing a comfortable and understanding environment for women who are needing these treatments to share their stories with us and allow us to help them regain their self-confidence with their bodies again.  We are honoured to be chosen to be a part of your journey and take great care to reassure you throughout the process, from the initial consult to treatment to after-care advice.

Your doctor will advise when it is appropriate to have the restorative tattooing done after your surgery, as this can vary from patient to patient.

Contact Kathleen today for a consultation on how our scar camouflage and breast restorative tattoos can help you gain back confidence in your appearance.

“Medical tattooing for the breast or nipple areola micropigmentation is the chosen option for many women post mastectomy breast reconstruction and conditions requiring areola or asymmetry correction. After the surgeon has rebuilt the breast the 3D nipple tattoo portrait is the finishing step of the reconstruction. I have been tattooing breasts since 1997 and specialise in creating the most beautiful realistic 3D nipple/areola illusion using a broad range of micropigmentation techniques. Taking time to create a visual aesthetic appearance creating a sense of depth and detail to a reconstructed breast. For most it will eliminate the constant reminder of breast cancer and give back a feeling of wholeness and femininity once lost. Nothing gives me greater pleasure and privilege than to be with my clients with the unveiling of their new nipple portrait. Happiness fills the room and the living story continues…”               – Kathleen Gentry

Scar Tattoo

A scar tattoo or scar camouflage procedure, also known as micro-pigmentation, can lesson the visual effects of scarring, hypo-pigmentation and vitiligo. It is also possible to correct any undesired asymmetry of facial features.

The scar tattoo procedure requires a machine specially adapted for the process and is similar to those used for the cosmetic enhancement of eyes, lips and eyebrows. However, the tattooing technique is different and the emphasis is on the blending of specially prepared pigments to closely match the area around the the scar being worked on, thus reducing the appearance of the problem. This can greatly help reduce any feelings of self-consciousness and re-build your confidence.

Another area where scar tattoo procedures are providing a major benefit to woman is a nipple tattoo or reconstruction.

Following surgery and the creation of the breast mound, by a surgeon, an adequate interval needs to be allowed so that the reconstructed breast mound has settled into its final position. Once this has occurred, excellent results can be achieved by creating a new aureola around the nipple, matching colours to the existing one.

Restoring a sense of completeness to the person, this is possibly one of the most rewarding procedures that Kathleen offers.

A scar tattoo procedure is relatively painless and can last for up to 10 years, depending on your physiology and lifestyle.

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