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I walked in feeling self conscious, weathered and scared. Kathleen immediately put me at ease and after a painless experience I didn’t recognize myself. I would recommend her treatments to anyone wanting to feel better about themselves.I have friends who have had procedures done with Kathleen who said how painless the treatments were and I didn’t believe them – now I know they were telling the truth.

Many thanks Kathleen Gentry for helping me feel amazing. Ann

So, I have the double mastectomy with the lattisimus dorsi flap on the one breast, which leaves me with a football shaped piece of my back tissue grafted onto the front of my one breast and a horizontal scar on the other breast.

With clothes on I look fine, and once I put a bra on or a camisole, all looks normal. But, I am not normal and I don’t feel normal and every time I see myself in the bathroom mirror when I dry off after a shower I see two bumps on my chest, which look just plain weird, as there isn’t any areolas or nipples. I just didn’t want a 6thsurgery to make nipples and then I would still need tattooing for the areolas and the surgeon-made nipples would not look like my original nipples.

Every day I had this reminder of having had breast cancer. I know it’s vain, but I wasn’t happy. My husband said none of this matters and he really meant it, but it did to me. I started to hide my body from even myself. I would get out of the shower and turn around so as to not be confronted with that huge bathroom mirror.

Then I met Kathleen Gentry – a specialist in mirco-pigmentation who does cosmetic and medical tattooing. I had trawled the internet and seen 3D tattooing done of nipples and areolas and was in awe of the results.

I called Kathleen and she made me an appointment for a consultation with her the following week. She advised me the consultation was free of charge.

The day arrived and with some anxiety, I walked into a relaxing atmosphere and met Kathleen. Right off, I knew I had made a good decision. Kathleen looked at my breasts and asked me what I expected and she told me what she could do and showed me photo example of her work. Impressive.

I made an appointment for the following week to have the tattooing done.
In a short time, Kathleen, with her knowledge, skill, and artistic ability, turned my ‘bumps’ into breasts. I now have breasts with nipples and areolas.

Kathleen’s 3D artistry is beyond belief as to how much it really looks like I have nipples again. It really and truly has made me feel complete. No longer naked do I shy away from the mirror. Thanks to the skills of Dr. Lily Vrtik and Kathleen, I now feel like I can put the horror of breast cancer behind me.
A big thank you. Debbie Lefkowitz

I have known Kathleen Gentry of Face Ink for almost 10 years both in a business capacity and as a client.

Throughout that time she has been widely respected as a para-medical micro-pigmentation specialist by many cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons. In the late 1990’s I helped establish and manage what was then Queensland’s largest cosmetic surgery facility.

We had been approached by a number of cosmetic tattooists and I had personally experienced some of their work when we were introduced to Kathleen.Her techniques, which were quite different to other practitioners, set her apart. Her procedures were far less painful (almost none at all); more effective and longer-lasting. Immediately we used Kathleen for all our work. Moreover, her artistry was exceptional. Her many years’ experience, coupled with her unique techniques meant that her work was natural-looking and blended well with the individual’s own colouring.

We had patients with medical and surgical problems such as pigmentation and hypo pigmentation concerns, as well as scarring. We needed to be able to refer them to someone we were confident could perform to the highest standards.

In recent years, although I have left the cosmetic surgery field, I have continued to go to Kathleen for cosmetic tattooing and I continue to enthusiastically recommend her to friends and colleagues etc. I believe I speak with some knowledge and an very confident in knowing they will be happy with her work. Pamela Robson

This is to state that I have known Kathleen Gentry both professionally and privately for approximately 6 years.

In that time, I have found her work to be of an exceptionally high standard, combining technical excellence with a unique aesthetic appreciation. In particular, her work with post-trauma and post-surgical patients is most impressive and sets her in a field entirely on her own.

Kathleen is totally professional at all times, with noticeable attention to privacy and confidentiality. Her work environment is both relaxing and scrupulously maintained, and there is no question of anything other than the highest standards in regard to health issues. In addition, she has a warm and reassuring manner which is a great asset in her field.

I have had no hesitation recommending Kathleen to either patients or friends requiring her services in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Dr. Sheena L. Burnell

Kathleen Gentry, Micro-pigmentation Specialist of Face Ink Australia has been performing treatments from my Brisbane Clinic (The Cosmetic & Laser Surgery Institute of Australia).

After observing her treatments, I have found her techniques to be very effective & apparently painless and accurate.

Kathleen’s professionalism inspires confidence and is evidenced by the respect and satisfaction of both her patients and my staff.

The reputation of my clinic is built on offering the very best in both procedures and patient care. Kathleen reflects this ethic in her work and attitude Dr. Daniel Fleming

I have known Kathleen Gentry professionally for the past 10 years or so. Over that time I have recommended many patients to her cosmetic tattooing service and this has been for a range of both reconstructive problems and cosmetic problems.

I am very satisfied with the service and advice that Kathleen has offered to my patients regarding cosmetic tattooing and I believe she has behaved professionally and responsibly towards these patients and has regularly achieved very good outcomes for them.

I have no hesitation in continuing to use Kathleen Gentry’s services for surgical patients of mine who would be helped by cosmetic tattooing. Dr. Greg McDermant